you can sample some of my fabolous code in use

its not all geeky its has INTERFACE too ,try it out in my sandbox and let me know.


i love alot of things.

i love code and i love social coding fork me @ github i love the little blue bird on tweeter you can say hi @edgarchris99 its all about me i like and comment, poke and add friends on my facebook account


this is where i keep my toys

i play with stuff make crazy , funny or just simply insane little thingies and put them in mysandbox you can play with them too just find one you like. Fish around im my sandbox see what you like


i can do this for you,

do almost anything you hire me for as long as it goes on the web ,looks and feels nice. Am an expert in achieving this , My package is specialised development skills in XHTML /CSS , HTML5/CSS3 ,JAVASCRIPT, PHP,MYSQL, and am adding more with time thats C/C++ and PYHTON

Here are some happy guys i done little thingies for

i just let my mind go wild with creativeness and the result is visually stunning, logic then kicks in and the result is awesome functionality

check the sandBox

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